Tired of a lift that frequently breaks down? Aging elevators often do not meet current safety and performance standards, resulting frequent and expensive repair fees.

Eng-Cons Ltd provide component upgrades, full replacements and retrofitting of old elevators. Modernizing your elevators will extend the lifespan of your building and ultimately result in happier tenants. Call us to upgrade your lift today!

Why Modernize?

Bring your equipment up to current codes, and improve its reliability and performance. Save money by using your current systems parts instead of paying for a whole new install. Improve the overall appearance of the elevator equipment within your building.

A fresh new look will have users feeling more comfortable and confident in using your elevators. If you’re receiving complaints from tenants and the volume of traffic in your building has changed, call us. Let us help you with your safety concerns.

Example of potential benefits: by modernizing your control system, you can make your elevator run more efficiently while providing people with a smoother riding experience, it can also improve response time and improve equipment utilization. This may also bring your elevator/escalator up to current codes.

By installing new drives or drive controls, you can provide better riding quality, and more accurate leveling which in turn will reduce the amount of wear and tear on your equipment.