At the core of EN-CONS's Ltd activities lies the construction of works which stand out both in terms of the high quality of the end product as well as in terms of the efficiency of the production process, which in turn results in the saving of time and money for the client and increased profitability for the company.


Having as a competitive advantage the accumulated experience obtained through its dynamic participation in the execution of different public infrastructures and building projects as well as private projects in Greece, together with the high experience in energy constructions, EN-CONS Ltd is expanding its strong presence in the international market.


Capitalizing on its long standing, multifaceted know-how in the construction industry and based on its skilful and specialized workforce, on the company-owned, state-of-the-art equipment and its constantly growing client base, EN-CONS Ltd looking in a successfully respond to contemporary market demand for excellent quality and high speed in the completion of projects requiring complex technological solutions.

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