EN-CONS has extensive experience in industrial and electromechanical projects and offers integrated solutions covering design, construction, testing, operation, maintenance for:


Fuel Pipelines and Installations
Natural Gas Terminals and Networks
Automation and SCADA Systems Installations
Communications Networks
Industrial Installations
Electromechanical Installations for Buildings and Sports Facilities
Electromechanical Installations for Tunnels - Roads - METRO
District Heating Networks


Through the implementation of projects in the country, has acquired considerable expertise in electromechanical works relating to the projects. Not only is a highly specialized leader in the construction of such projects, but the company has also been successful in penetrating the related maintenance and operation business.

Another new market has emerged with the development of fibre optic telecommunications networks, and has been a significant player in this area from the very outset, boasting state-of-the-art equipment and experienced and qualified personnel participation in the electromechanical works in various projects has signalled the company's entry into yet another field offering rich prospects for projects both at home and abroad.
With technologies currently developing at such a rapid pace and projects requiring ever increasingly complex electromechanical installations and automation processes, primary focus is on maintaining its advantage as a clear front-runner in developments in this field.

The company is also becoming a dynamic force in terms of the provision of maintenance and operation services for electromechanical installations.

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